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Why is Chick-fil-A So Popular?

Every Monday through Saturday that you pass by a Chick-fil-A they are wrapped around the building for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Chick-fil-A is dominating the fast food industry, but why? What is so particular about the chain that makes people keep going back for more? The restaurant averages about $4 million in revenue every year, the highest of any other fast food chain.

A significant contribution to Chick-fil-A’s success is their customer service. Customers report that the restaurant’s employees are the politest and provide the best service for the drive-thru and dining in. The store also has an order accuracy rate of 95% however, their drive thru wait time was longer than the competitors. Chick-fil-A’s strategies of standing outside and speaking with customer’s face to face during busy hours of the day is a good part of why their service ranks so well. Drive thru orders constitute a significant portion of income for fast food retailers, so it’s essential that they have excellent service. Face to face ordering allows a more personal experience and less room for errors.

What makes the restaurant’s employees provide such excellent customer service? Chick-fil-A invest more time in their employee’s training and futures whether it lies in the fast food industry or not. The franchisees are encouraged to ask the people they hire what their goals are for the future and help them to achieve them. The company feels that employees are more responsive and open when they think that they are cared about by their employers. Chick-fil-A also offers many advancement opportunities for new hires that makes them strive to do better, so they can make more money. The company hopes to in the future provide classes and training for employees to take that will offer certificates in areas like managing conflict in restaurants and food and labor costs.

Christian Founded Restaurants

Despite the ever-changing perception of the Christian religion, there are still a few restaurants that were founded in the Christian faith and continue to be successful in their business. It is encouraging to someone of the Christian faith to find stores and restaurants that support it in a time that is continually trying to do away with it. It is fulfilling to be able to eat dinner and hear Christian music playing in the background. A few of the restaurants that have stayed solid in their foundations of Christianity are mentioned below to give them recognition for their hard work and dedication.

Chick-fil-A is a popular restaurant partially famous for their basis in Christianity. This restaurant was founded in 1946 by Truett Cathy, a Southern Baptist from Hapeville, Georgia. Despite having over 1500 favorite locations in 39 states, they have held onto their values in the Christian faith. Including being closed on Sundays. Even though the restaurant is only open six days a week, it still dominates the fast food industry with their delicious food and exceptional service and attitude towards the customers.

Another fantastic restaurant rooted in the Christian Faith is Cook Out restaurants. A chain known for tasty food and astonishing success, it was founded in Greensboro, North Carolina and now has 211 locations throughout the south-east United States. While visiting one of these stores, you will notice Christian music playing while you eat. Looking at the bottom of your cup or the wrapper on your burger, you will see a bible verse quoted there.

A popular restaurant that might surprise you with their basis in Christianity is Domino’s pizza. The restaurant was founded in 1960 by Tom Monaghan and his brother who grew up in a Catholic orphanage after their father passed away. Before Tom sold the company, he hired a chaplain to hold mass in the corporate cafeteria every day at lunchtime.

Recipes for Super Bowl Sunday

For all the football fans out there, Super Bowl Sunday is quickly approaching. Some may have parties to host or parties to attend. Among those parties, there’s always sure to be tasty food to accompany the football game. This years game will be between the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots. If you’re a fan of those teams and you have a party to attend or host, you might wonder what some easy, delicious recipes are to make. Here are a few that will give the fans at your party something else to rave about.

A recipe that your crowd is sure to love are the big mac potato skins. This delicious appetizer’s recipe can be found on The total time it takes to make this dish is an hour and thirty minutes, and it yields sixteen potato skins.

Every good super bowl party includes wings. The slow cooker buffalo ranch chicken wings will keep people coming back for more. This recipe can also be found on This recipe has very few ingredients and will feed six to eight people. The wings are cooked in a slow cooker for three hours. However, the prep time is only ten minutes. Bust out the buffalo sauce and bring the heat to your football fans this season.

Slow cooker pulled pork is a delicious and easy recipe that will make the fans at your party fall in love. Throw a pork shoulder in the crockpot with the other yummy ingredients and cook for 5-6 hours. It can be served with coleslaw and buns and will feed quite a few people. Find this recipe on

Waffle fry sliders are another easy recipe to win over the guest at your party this year. It only takes forty minutes to make and yields eight sliders. Cook the hamburger meat in a pan and the waffle fries in the oven. Place the hamburger meat between two waffle fries and top with cheese, pickles, and lettuce. This recipe can be found on

Flo’s Kitchen in Wilson, North Carolina

Flo’s Kitchen is an all-American restaurant in Wilson North Carolina. Flo’s serves breakfast and lunch, and on any given morning you can find cars lined up down the street to get one of Flo’s famous biscuits. That’s because the biscuits are the some of the biggest you’ll ever see about the size of a cat’s head and made from scratch too. Flo’s Kitchen has been open and serving the area for more than two decades.

Flo’s kitchen opened on October 30th, 1990 and was already famous all due to the woman behind the name, Florence Williams. She had

Flo’s famous cat-head biscuit

already been making biscuits at her eateries so, her daughter, Linda Brewer, encouraged her to open her shop. Flo’s Kitchen had a high demand for biscuits since the day they opened. Flo personal trained ever biscuit maker she hired until passing away at the age of 80. After her death, her daughter and co-founder continued to run Flo’s Kitchen. Flo’s kitchen is more than just a restaurant; it’s a place that has brought the community of Wilson NC together for almost three centuries. Friendships between the staff of Flo’s and the customers are kept by conversations in line every morning.

Flo’s staff begins making biscuits at 4 am and doesn’t stop until noon when they close. The biscuits are shaped by hand rather than a cutter and prepared with a mound of grated hoop cheese that is encased in the dough as they cook. Unlike other restaurants biscuits, Flo’s are made with lard which makes them sturdy. The biscuits are filled with a variety of meats and eggs, but many customer’s favorites are the fried pork tenderloin biscuits. The pork is cut by hand every morning and rolled in flour and seasonings and cooked to perfection. Flo’s also offer’s breakfast plates and other items like grits and French toast. Although the kitchen has a few seats and tables inside, 95% of Flo’s business comes from the drive threw.

Zero’s Subs – Virginia Beach VA

The first Zero’s Mr. Submarine was opened in 1967 by Gene Schmidt and a cousin on the corner of 21st St. and Pacific Avenue at Virginia Beach Virginia. The sub shop is now over a 100-store franchise throughout Virginia, but nothing compared to the taste of subs made at the original Zero’s at Oceanfront Virginia Beach. Sadly, the sub shop has had to move further back from the beach. Still located in Virginia Beach, it serves up some of the best subs in the area.

Gene Schmidt’s son now owns the shop, a franchise of Zero’s Subs, and two seafood restaurants. 21st Street Seafood is now opened at

Zero’s in Virginia Beach

the original location of Zero’s Mr. Submarine. The new Zero’s Sub’s located at Virginia Beach Virginia is located on 17th street. Despite the move, people still fall in love with the Sub shops menu that includes oven-baked subs, Hormel meats, hearth-baked bread, salads, wraps, pizza and chicken wings. The stores most famous sub the grinder has been around since it opened in 1967 and is still popular today. The sub includes toasted Italian means with smoked provolone cheese, your choice of toppings, and don’t forget to try it with their famous hot pepper relish. The sub sandwich franchise offers catering to go along with their delicious menu and strives to provide the best service and laid-back atmosphere no matter what location you visit.

Since the shop first opened in 1967, it has become a hit not only for the state of Virginia but nationwide. The company is still looking to grow its franchise to fulfill the ever-changing times and trends. Zero’s Subs has been awarded the “Best of Beach” award for several years now, as well as “Reader’s Choice” and the “Best of Hampton Roads” award many times. The company is proud of over 50 years of successful business and looks forward too many more.

History and Legacy of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts has been around for more than 75 years. Originating in Winston-Salem North Carolina, the famous donut shop was opened by a man named Vernon Rudolph. Mr. Rudolph bought a secret recipe from a French chef in New Orleans for raised yeast donuts and rented the building that would-be home to the first ever Krispy Kreme Doughnut shop. On the morning of July 13th, 1937 Krispy Kreme began selling its doughnuts to the local grocery stores of Winston-Salem. The smell of the freshly made doughnuts was so good however that people passing by the shop on the street stopped and asked if they could buy some directly. So, Vernon cut a hole in the wall and gave the people what they asked for.

By the 1940’s and 50’s a small chain of mostly family-owned stores existed. Every shop used the same recipe Mr. Rudolph bought from the French baker, but they all made the doughnuts from scratch. While the results of making them from scratch were always good, they weren’t consistent enough for Vernon. He then began a system that distributed a dry doughnut mix to every store and with a team of engineers he built a doughnut making machine. From that point forward the focus of Krispy Kreme was improving and perfecting their unique doughnut-making process.

Throughout the 60’s the company continued to grow outside it’s intended roots throughout the southeastern United States. Growth began to slow when the Mr. Vernon Rudolph passed away in 1973. Beatrice Foods Company bought Krispy Kreme in 1976. However, in 1982 a group of early franchisees purchased a portion of Krispy Kreme back from Beatrice Foods Company. They began to expand the chain of stores outside of the southeast US and opened the first store in New York City in 1996. Shortly after that in 1999, the first store opened in California, and the national growth began. Now Krispy Kreme has stores all over the world open carrying on the legacy of Vernon Rudolph.

Best Places to Eat in Raleigh NC

Raleigh is the capital of North Carolina and home to a diverse population of people and some fantastic restaurants. Whatever you are hungry for, the state’s capital is sure to provide you with beyond satisfactory results. Let this town fulfill your desire for great food and a fun atmosphere.

42nd St. Oyster Bar and Seafood Grill offers a southern taste of seafood. This restaurant has come far since opening in 1931 as a grocery store that served oysters and draft beer. The restaurant’s menu offers a variety of seafood cooked several different ways to satisfy your taste buds. Everything on the menu is obtained locally and is fresh. Local live music and entertainment are offered on specific dates listed on the website. The restaurant offer’s delicious seafood, a lively atmosphere, and a promise for an overall experience you won’t forget.


If you’re looking for entertainment, exceptional food, and a classic southern experience, the Angus Barn is the place to go. This restaurant offers not only a delicious cuisine, but also an award-winning wine cellar, pavilion with exciting entertainment, different special events, and

their famous Wild Turkey lounge and Meat Locker smoking lounge. As you might have figured with a name like the Angus Barn, this restaurant is a steakhouse offering menu options in steak, seafood, and all locally grown vegetables. Walter J. Royal, Iron Chef America winner and his staff prepare all the food. Visit the website to see the different events they are hosting and don’t forget to bring your appetite when you visit the Angus Barn of Raleigh NC.

The Roast Grill is a classic hot dog joint located in historic downtown Raleigh. Featured on the television show Man Vs. Food, this little diner is famous for its 90% beef hot dogs. The menu is classic and straightforward serving only hot dogs cooked on their 70-year-old original grill and glass bottled Cokes. You can’t get any more traditional than that. The menu has stayed the same since the restaurant opened in 1940. If you’re in the neighborhood of historic downtown Raleigh, then head on over to the Roast Grill and grab a hot dog and a coke.

Top Places to Eat In West Virginia

If you have plans on visiting West Virginia, there are a few places that you must stop to eat. These restaurants are in small towns, but they have the best food. From Mexican, burgers, and pizza, you won’t find food anywhere else quite like you will in West Virginia. Despite how West Virginia’s towns are small and hard to get to, there are quite a few food options that go outside the typical restaurants.

Ole Jose, a Mexican restaurant located in Pineville, West Virginia has the best items on the menu and some great deals. Not only does this restaurant offer options for Mexican cuisine, but it also offers wood fire pizza and homemade Italian. Upstairs you have a sports bar that provides a variety of drinks. Just looking at the menu of this hot spot will get your taste buds fired up. This restaurant is vegetarian-friendly and offers options for that as well. With a great staff, mouth-watering food, and a fun-filled atmosphere, be sure to make a pit stop here while in West Virginia.


The Dairy Bar with locations in Man and South Charleston WV is a classic ice cream parlor that offers hand-scooped ice cream and a delicious menu. Some personal favorites are their A1 steak fries, chicken quesadillas, and the grilled cheeseburger. The A1 steak fries are like a Philly cheesesteak with peppers and onions served on top of fries with mozzarella cheese and A1 steak sauce. The chicken quesadillas are the best you’ll find with their unique dipping sauce, melted cheese, cubed grilled chicken, peppers, and onions. This quesadilla will have you lusting for more. The classic grilled cheeseburger is just what it sounds like. All-natural ground beef pattie between two pieces of bread topped with cheese and grilled in butter with your choice of toppings and served with a side of fries. Don’t forget the dessert, grab yourself a good old ice cream cone or banana split before you head out the door and don’t forget to come back for more.

Restaurants with a View in Clearwater Florida

Sunset at the pier in Clearwater Florida.

Clearwater Florida is home to a beautiful beach, excellent entertainment, and of course great food. A town known for a vacation getaway and a glorious view.

If you’re planning on taking a trip to Clearwater, you may want to see where the best restaurants are, especially ones that allow you to gaze out over the beautiful beach with some good food and perhaps a margarita.

Here are a few restaurants that might interest you while visiting the Clearwater Florida area!


The Marina Cantina has some of the best reviews for food and service. This restaurant offers gorgeous outdoor seating looking out over the harbor and the city. The menu contains a mixture of Mexican and seafood that is sure to give your taste buds what they’re asking for. The restaurant also has a menu for their tequila bar ranging from shots to margaritas and bud light. This restaurant sounds like a must to visit.

Columbia Restaurant located at Sand Key, Clearwater beach gives a marvelous view of the water along with some authentic Cuban food. This restaurant has been around since 1905 and currently has two other locations. The menu offers a variety of Cuban favorites including soups, salads, tapas, pescados, mariscos, shrimp, carnes, pollos, and much more. This restaurant also includes vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options. Columbia is famous for their sangria as well as other classic drinks unique to this restaurant and its beautiful atmosphere.

The Palm Pavillion Beachside Grill and Bar is one of many people’s favorites for its beach view, great food, and fantastic atmosphere. This grill offers a menu with American, seafood, and of course a bar with some tasty drinks. The atmosphere of the palm is described as laid back and casual, and it has been around since 1926. The grill offers several deals for different days of the week and also some entertainment to go along with the food, drinks, and sunsets.

Best Places to Eat in London, UK

Most Americans who visited the UK and ate the food there describe it as bland. This description is because most of the things we eat every day in the United States have added sugars and salts that are banned in the United Kingdom. Just because added sugars and salts are outlawed, doesn’t mean that the UK doesn’t have some fantastic food. Listed below are a few tasty restaurants in London UK and the surrounding boroughs.

Cornerstone is an excellent restaurant to visit while in the beautiful city of London. This pub has several options for tasty meals that won’t break the bank. This restaurant also gives many options for vegetarians and people over the age of 65. Cornerstones restaurant has options for whatever you may be hungry for including seafood, burgers, chicken, pasta, desert, steaks, fajitas, and more. One entrée that sticks out is the bacon mac and cheese fries. How amazing does that sound? This restaurant compares to an Applebee’s or Texas Steak House back here in the United States.

If your taste buds desire a more classic approach to British dining The Mayfair Chippy is the place to go. This restaurant is a more

traditional setting for the famous fish and chips. Chips of course is not what you think it is, they’re French fries. The Mayfair Chippy offers a variety of fish entrée’s to fulfill your appetite for seafood. Some British classics included are shepherds pie, smoked haddock fish cakes, longhorn rib steak and chips, and lobster macaroni and cheese. Don’t forget to glance at the wine menu while you’re there; it has quite a variety. The dessert menu offers many classic British puddings to try as well as ice cream, sorbets, coffees and hot chocolates. This restaurant would remind one of a Red Lobster in the United States.