3 tips to make small spaces look much bigger

We share with you some of the best visual tricks to make small places look bright, spacious and welcoming. Take note!

1. Note the proportions and scale

Proportions and scales are everything when it comes to making a place look more spacious, that’s why you need to choose the right furniture. When looking for the right furniture for a small space, choose long-legged pieces, tables that have a glass surface with thin metal bases, and open shelves that can be placed directly on the walls to achieve a “see through objects” effect. ”

However, you should not abuse this resource. A room full of furniture with high bases can make you feel like a flamingo pond, so we suggest you also place small and solid furniture or small plants in attractive places of the place and thus maintain balance. On the other hand, solid parts (for example, baskets on shelves or trunk boxes) have a dual function, since they are not only an excellent storage option, but will also make the place look more available.

2. Make the contrast work in your favor

We know that when you have a small space, the idea of ​​maintaining a monochromatic decoration is very tempting, however, despite the fact that the place will look more spacious, it will also turn out to be a very unwelcoming space , moving away from your final objective.

We recommend including a piece of black color, either a small coffee table or a metal fireplace set, combined with vibrant colors (on pillows, books on the coffee table, vases, etc.). These details cause the view to pause briefly before allowing them to go to the next feature you want to highlight. In addition, adding contrasts you create different layers throughout the place, something that the mind will interpret as a broader and more interesting place.

3. Use mirrors to increase space, light, and drama!

Oversized floor-standing floor-mounted mirrors have become a designer cliche, but that doesn’t mean they won’t work if you’re looking to visually increase the space of a place. Large-scale wall mirrors or mirrors that are strategically placed in the home at university town islamabad (for example in the kitchen or above the shelves) create a very dramatic effect by making the light in the room become more uniform throughout the room , in addition to visually increasing the space of it.

If you take these principles into account the next time you have to organize a small space, you will guarantee the creation of a room with an appearance and personality that will far exceed its measurements. So much so that Buyproperty will think: “I would love to live in a place like this” greatly increasing the possibilities of purchase! “.