Finest EIG Alternatives for Web Hosting and Domain Name Registration

The opportunity for anybody to begin an online business is made easy by the fact that many web hosts exist.

In fact, there are hundreds of alternatives. From Hostgator so many options are available which anyone can be sure if a hosting provider fails to provide quality customer service or doesn’t suit your needs into iPage into Bluehost, another company will. As it’s always a matter of practice that is good to go elsewhere if one company does not supply an excellent servicethese options make switching hosts easy.At this time, it seems there are dozens and dozens of options.

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Compared to how it seems, most well known hosting companies are owned and operated by Endurance International Group (EIG), among the world’s largest web hosting companies, who have a long list of brands. Consequently, lots of the issues a individual faces on one web host agency exist at any variety of others.

Another consequence of one company owning most of the web hosts throughout the world is just one of price-range repairing. Broadly speaking, setting an industry’s price at a fixed stage is called price fixing, and it’s illegal. However, if a big company instead owns nearly all the leading internet hosts and changes that the costs here and there, ever so slightly, from one web host to another, the customer seems to really have a choice even when the difference in price isn’t significant to the end user. Furthermore, the cost becomes fixed at whatever speed the company desires. Legally, this practice is not price fixing, but it ensures the company gets the overall target price desired for the item.

For a true choice that ends in a real difference among goods and services and actual cost options, it is important to store elsewhere. However, you need to know where to store. Over the years I have written heaps of web best dedicated server hosting uk testimonials so that I wanted to collect a listing of reputable cheap hosting brands.

At the time of writing this guide, the next web hosting and domain name registration brands are currently not managed by EIG.


In a age of do-it-yourself fortunes, Siteground is an online wunderkind. The company started out with a programming services and products as a conversational forum.

For example, Siteground now offers traditional web hosting, which consists of shared hosting services, but it also offers custom web design and protected WordPress hosting. Safe WordPress hosting arose from a need for secure sites. The demand for secure sites arose, in part, by the habit of hosts becoming hacked–over and over and over. Being that WordPress is used to function almost 30% of the planet’s sites, safety became yet many EIG-backed hosts do not offer WordPress. Grow and siteground continues to evolve, offering just that protected, WordPress hosting.


Note: Along with their hosting services, Siteground presents comprehensive, customized programming services to designers and business owners. It is that its mark was initially made by Siteground, and as programmers, their reputation is solid.


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A2 Hosting is one of the world’s most common web-hosting companies. Besides its own hosting abilities, it strives to guarantee the quickest service possible for business owners and private individuals alike. To achieve this, all of its net host accounts will be on SSD servers, that are up to 3 times as fast as old servers. Along with supplying state-of-the-art hosting rates, it will affordably. Simply put, during any month at any time, customers can cancel their service and receive this month’s payment refunded–no questions asked.



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