Best Places to Eat in London, UK

Most Americans who visited the UK and ate the food there describe it as bland. This description is because most of the things we eat every day in the United States have added sugars and salts that are banned in the United Kingdom. Just because added sugars and salts are outlawed, doesn’t mean that the UK doesn’t have some fantastic food. Listed below are a few tasty restaurants in London UK and the surrounding boroughs.

Cornerstone is an excellent restaurant to visit while in the beautiful city of London. This pub has several options for tasty meals that won’t break the bank. This restaurant also gives many options for vegetarians and people over the age of 65. Cornerstones restaurant has options for whatever you may be hungry for including seafood, burgers, chicken, pasta, desert, steaks, fajitas, and more. One entrée that sticks out is the bacon mac and cheese fries. How amazing does that sound? This restaurant compares to an Applebee’s or Texas Steak House back here in the United States.

If your taste buds desire a more classic approach to British dining The Mayfair Chippy is the place to go. This restaurant is a more

traditional setting for the famous fish and chips. Chips of course is not what you think it is, they’re French fries. The Mayfair Chippy offers a variety of fish entrée’s to fulfill your appetite for seafood. Some British classics included are shepherds pie, smoked haddock fish cakes, longhorn rib steak and chips, and lobster macaroni and cheese. Don’t forget to glance at the wine menu while you’re there; it has quite a variety. The dessert menu offers many classic British puddings to try as well as ice cream, sorbets, coffees and hot chocolates. This restaurant would remind one of a Red Lobster in the United States.