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Recipes for Super Bowl Sunday

For all the football fans out there, Super Bowl Sunday is quickly approaching. Some may have parties to host or parties to attend. Among those parties, there’s always sure to be tasty food to accompany the football game. This years game will be between the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots. If you’re a fan of those teams and you have a party to attend or host, you might wonder what some easy, delicious recipes are to make. Here are a few that will give the fans at your party something else to rave about.

A recipe that your crowd is sure to love are the big mac potato skins. This delicious appetizer’s recipe can be found on The total time it takes to make this dish is an hour and thirty minutes, and it yields sixteen potato skins.

Every good super bowl party includes wings. The slow cooker buffalo ranch chicken wings will keep people coming back for more. This recipe can also be found on This recipe has very few ingredients and will feed six to eight people. The wings are cooked in a slow cooker for three hours. However, the prep time is only ten minutes. Bust out the buffalo sauce and bring the heat to your football fans this season.

Slow cooker pulled pork is a delicious and easy recipe that will make the fans at your party fall in love. Throw a pork shoulder in the crockpot with the other yummy ingredients and cook for 5-6 hours. It can be served with coleslaw and buns and will feed quite a few people. Find this recipe on

Waffle fry sliders are another easy recipe to win over the guest at your party this year. It only takes forty minutes to make and yields eight sliders. Cook the hamburger meat in a pan and the waffle fries in the oven. Place the hamburger meat between two waffle fries and top with cheese, pickles, and lettuce. This recipe can be found on

Flo’s Kitchen in Wilson, North Carolina

Flo’s Kitchen is an all-American restaurant in Wilson North Carolina. Flo’s serves breakfast and lunch, and on any given morning you can find cars lined up down the street to get one of Flo’s famous biscuits. That’s because the biscuits are the some of the biggest you’ll ever see about the size of a cat’s head and made from scratch too. Flo’s Kitchen has been open and serving the area for more than two decades.

Flo’s kitchen opened on October 30th, 1990 and was already famous all due to the woman behind the name, Florence Williams. She had

Flo’s famous cat-head biscuit

already been making biscuits at her eateries so, her daughter, Linda Brewer, encouraged her to open her shop. Flo’s Kitchen had a high demand for biscuits since the day they opened. Flo personal trained ever biscuit maker she hired until passing away at the age of 80. After her death, her daughter and co-founder continued to run Flo’s Kitchen. Flo’s kitchen is more than just a restaurant; it’s a place that has brought the community of Wilson NC together for almost three centuries. Friendships between the staff of Flo’s and the customers are kept by conversations in line every morning.

Flo’s staff begins making biscuits at 4 am and doesn’t stop until noon when they close. The biscuits are shaped by hand rather than a cutter and prepared with a mound of grated hoop cheese that is encased in the dough as they cook. Unlike other restaurants biscuits, Flo’s are made with lard which makes them sturdy. The biscuits are filled with a variety of meats and eggs, but many customer’s favorites are the fried pork tenderloin biscuits. The pork is cut by hand every morning and rolled in flour and seasonings and cooked to perfection. Flo’s also offer’s breakfast plates and other items like grits and French toast. Although the kitchen has a few seats and tables inside, 95% of Flo’s business comes from the drive threw.

Zero’s Subs – Virginia Beach VA

The first Zero’s Mr. Submarine was opened in 1967 by Gene Schmidt and a cousin on the corner of 21st St. and Pacific Avenue at Virginia Beach Virginia. The sub shop is now over a 100-store franchise throughout Virginia, but nothing compared to the taste of subs made at the original Zero’s at Oceanfront Virginia Beach. Sadly, the sub shop has had to move further back from the beach. Still located in Virginia Beach, it serves up some of the best subs in the area.

Gene Schmidt’s son now owns the shop, a franchise of Zero’s Subs, and two seafood restaurants. 21st Street Seafood is now opened at

Zero’s in Virginia Beach

the original location of Zero’s Mr. Submarine. The new Zero’s Sub’s located at Virginia Beach Virginia is located on 17th street. Despite the move, people still fall in love with the Sub shops menu that includes oven-baked subs, Hormel meats, hearth-baked bread, salads, wraps, pizza and chicken wings. The stores most famous sub the grinder has been around since it opened in 1967 and is still popular today. The sub includes toasted Italian means with smoked provolone cheese, your choice of toppings, and don’t forget to try it with their famous hot pepper relish. The sub sandwich franchise offers catering to go along with their delicious menu and strives to provide the best service and laid-back atmosphere no matter what location you visit.

Since the shop first opened in 1967, it has become a hit not only for the state of Virginia but nationwide. The company is still looking to grow its franchise to fulfill the ever-changing times and trends. Zero’s Subs has been awarded the “Best of Beach” award for several years now, as well as “Reader’s Choice” and the “Best of Hampton Roads” award many times. The company is proud of over 50 years of successful business and looks forward too many more.

Reasons For You To Eat Whatever You Please

Factors For You To Eat Whatever You Please

In the past, I had problem calling one certain favorite food of mine. Today though, I tend to love pizza ideal. Nonetheless, for those that have difficulty addressing this inquiry I believe it is fair to claim that they can at the very least point out a more comprehensive area of food they choose, such as Italian, Mexican, American … you get the idea.

In our culture today, we are privileged to have a substantial range of food selections prior to us, that makes all of it the a lot more much easier locating a wonderful place to dine in a restaurant. The U.S.A. is coming to be a country of obese individuals not because we slouch– never. It is the wide ranging food selections as well as the portions they are offered in that have actually caused it.

Having a food company, just like purchasing real estate, is usually a great endeavor to take on because individuals are constantly going to have to consume much like they are constantly going to require a place to live; however, the challenge behind having your very own dining establishment lies in constructing a trustworthy credibility for offering impressive cuisine.

But having a dining establishment is beside the factor. What I want to focus on is finding excellent dining establishments and eating. I’m an avid tourist and also I love it. The most significant reason behind my love of travel is the lots of chances it offers me to attempt consuming at different places. I can’t even describe the impolite awakening I got the first time I consumed a meal in a various country. It has most likely never ever crossed your mind if you’ve never had such a chance, however there is a significant distinction between American food and also the food served in various other nations, particularly Europe.

In America we take food as well as make it our own, suggesting that the Chinese food you had last week was possibly not as genuine as the indication over the dining establishment asserted. Of course, I’m not whining. I have actually had event to eat in restaurants in numerous different nations and I constantly leave feeling that the American variations are far better, particularly about taste.

Ethnic restaurants in The U.S.A. take huge steps when it concerns making a wonderful discussion of the food, along with just what ingredients enter into it to include taste. Americans have a feeling of flavor all their own and also quite various from the rest of the globe, which is why when a Chinese or Mexican dining establishment opens up as well as ends up being successful you recognize they put together the appropriate ingredient to please consumers.

If you are like me and also take pleasure in consuming, make it a point not to consume at the exact same 2 or three locations constantly. There is so much around to attempt so be daring. If you’re unclear regarding just what dining establishments are around, then do a search on the web. The Web has thousands of internet sites that focus on giving people with listings of dining establishments in their area, in addition to evaluations, so you could better make a decision if a location is worth your time and money.

So suppose The U.S.A. teems with overweight individuals. Eating is fun as well as gives many pleasant dental encounters. Quit hearing all the experts who declare we’re all going to pass away of heart problem.