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10 ways to keep roaches out of your home


First, you must remember that one of the main ways you can ensure that your home will remain cockroach free is to keep it tidy. Roaches eat almost anything, even the glue on your tapestry! Do not give them access to anything that will help them extend their stay. If you live in an apartment at capital smart city and your neighbors have roaches, it will be more difficult to get rid of them, but not impossible, there are still many things you can do about it!

Let’s list some recommendations by ”Buyproperty”, beware because they can be overwhelming, but if you go step by step, you will achieve an excellent result:

1. Move the appliances : Move the stove, refrigerator, and other large appliances aside and clean the area underneath them. Also clean the sides and back of each one.

2. Keep your home dry : Check the hoses on the washing machine to make sure they are in place. Avoid water leaks at all costs because roaches need access to water to survive and a leak will prolong their visit. Check your water heater and under each sink to make sure everything is properly dry.

3. Use food containers : Whether it’s family food or pet food, you’ll need to keep it in tightly closed and tidy containers. Don’t forget to do the same with spices and condiments.

4. Wash the dishes : Wash the dishes every night. If you use a dishwasher, be sure to clean any cracks and gaps it may have. You should also buy a soap dish with a lid to keep the bar soap properly dry.

5. Clean the containers before throwing them in the trash : Create in your family the habit of washing beverage bottles, containers and cans before recycling them. You can buy a large plastic trash can with a tight fitting lid to keep those containers in one place until they are recycled.

6. Keep lids closed : All interior trash cans should have tight fitting lids and be kept clean. It is a good idea to clean the containers at least twice a week.

7. Vacuum regularly : Vacuum all corners and crevices of the house at least twice a week, from sofas to small spaces in the walls.

8. Use Borax : Sprinkle Borax Powder (Sodium Borate) on the back of all your cabinets. Using borax powder is by far the most effective way to get rid of roaches.

9. Washing clothes : Do not allow dirty clothes to accumulate. Cockroaches love dirty clothes!

10. Keep your home clean : If you have a baby at home you should be very picky about the diapers, cups, bottles and food containers that you use every day. Used diapers should go in a properly closed trash can and food containers should not be left outside when not in use.

Clean houses and these measures make it possible to eradicate roaches without using pesticides. It will take some extra effort, but if you follow these tips it is possible!


3 tips to make small spaces look much bigger

We share with you some of the best visual tricks to make small places look bright, spacious and welcoming. Take note!

1. Note the proportions and scale

Proportions and scales are everything when it comes to making a place look more spacious, that’s why you need to choose the right furniture. When looking for the right furniture for a small space, choose long-legged pieces, tables that have a glass surface with thin metal bases, and open shelves that can be placed directly on the walls to achieve a “see through objects” effect. ”

However, you should not abuse this resource. A room full of furniture with high bases can make you feel like a flamingo pond, so we suggest you also place small and solid furniture or small plants in attractive places of the place and thus maintain balance. On the other hand, solid parts (for example, baskets on shelves or trunk boxes) have a dual function, since they are not only an excellent storage option, but will also make the place look more available.

2. Make the contrast work in your favor

We know that when you have a small space, the idea of ​​maintaining a monochromatic decoration is very tempting, however, despite the fact that the place will look more spacious, it will also turn out to be a very unwelcoming space , moving away from your final objective.

We recommend including a piece of black color, either a small coffee table or a metal fireplace set, combined with vibrant colors (on pillows, books on the coffee table, vases, etc.). These details cause the view to pause briefly before allowing them to go to the next feature you want to highlight. In addition, adding contrasts you create different layers throughout the place, something that the mind will interpret as a broader and more interesting place.

3. Use mirrors to increase space, light, and drama!

Oversized floor-standing floor-mounted mirrors have become a designer cliche, but that doesn’t mean they won’t work if you’re looking to visually increase the space of a place. Large-scale wall mirrors or mirrors that are strategically placed in the home at university town islamabad (for example in the kitchen or above the shelves) create a very dramatic effect by making the light in the room become more uniform throughout the room , in addition to visually increasing the space of it.

If you take these principles into account the next time you have to organize a small space, you will guarantee the creation of a room with an appearance and personality that will far exceed its measurements. So much so that Buyproperty will think: “I would love to live in a place like this” greatly increasing the possibilities of purchase! “.


Technique to please the clients of a real estate

Despite being a product and service development model, the technique to which we dedicate today’s entry, Capital Smart City islamabad model, is easily exportable to real estate customers.

Enunciated in the 80s, its author, the Japanese Noriaki Kano, established 5 categories to study the characteristics that a product must satisfy for a type customer.

This model determines what characteristics we should include in a product or service to satisfy a target audience, reducing costs and ensuring that the final object is in harmony with what people expect of it, not including those benefits that do not add value.

The necessary factors to please the clients of a real estate

According to these characteristics, the identifying factors of a product (those that result in the satisfaction or dissatisfaction of a customer) are summarized in 5 steps:

1. Attractive factors

Imagine that we are thinking of developing a new service for our customers. Let’s say that this new service supposes exclusive benefits for those clients of great volume or who are recurring clients of our online real estate.

Among these benefits, according to the Kano model, we should include those that are surprising or shocking to the client, but if not existing, the same client would not miss them.

Thus, our Premium service could include a discount on the commission of our important service, or other features that are novel in this type of services in our sector.

2. Linear or normal factors

These characteristics are pleasant for real estate clients when they are there, and they dislike them when they are not there. They are usually characteristic properties of the brand, which distinguish it from its competitors.

Following the previous example, if our agency is characterized by offering a free real estate appraisal service for large accounts and this feature is breached in a new product that we are going to launch, customers may feel upset, since it is characteristic of our brand And we are not offering it.

3. Indifferent factors

They are those parts or elements of the product that are not normally used, and in case of not being present, the clients of a real estate company do not feel dissatisfied. In this way, detecting these elements can save us implementation and development costs.

If we apply these factors to the example of real estate projects, our mission would be to detect those services that, despite completing our offer, are not used and do not provide benefits to our agency. It is the case of some features of the real estate website that we could save since they do not improve the offer or result in the benefit of the client.

4. Essential or basic factors

In this case, we would be referring to the characteristics that are a fundamental part of our service, without which it would not be complete and that would cause great dissatisfaction to our client.

They are those that are usually included in the basic or elementary packages of many companies. On the websites for real estate that showcase listing for property for sale that we offer to our clients, who do not provide real estate search services, they would not have their reason for being, and the clients would not admit it.

5. Rejection factors

In the Kano model, the rejection factors are those characteristics that do not go with the ideal client or target we are addressing.

Imagine that we are designing a new service for investors who want to rent apartments. If in this service we include features such as real estate appraisals, something that is not necessary to rent a property, some clients would not agree and could lead them to refuse the full service.

In short, when creating new services, we must focus on customer satisfaction, and models such as Kano, guide us on how to find the balance between the necessary, the surprising, or the superfluous, to better serve our target .

Do you know any other technique to please the clients of a real estate? We await your comments.

New Real Estate Strategies: Free and Value Content

Content Marketing is Above All a Commitment You Have Acquired.

One of the new real estate strategies that is helping to attract more and better clients is Real Estate Content Marketing. Offer your customers free and valuable information.

This kind of marketing means to acquire the commitment to inform and educate your customers so that they can make a better purchase decision.

Last week I received a report from NAEA , the Association of Real Estate Agencies of the United Kingdom, where among other “gold nuggets” on the sector trend, they explain how real estate content marketing is benefiting the British real estate sector. It is actually changing it.

These data must be taken into account, because the United Kingdom has been characterized by leading Europe in marketing. The United Kingdom tends to adapt to the European style the marketing trends originated in the United States. Just as the United States is the cradle of real estate marketing, the United Kingdom follows in second place. The trends in marketing, (not only in real estate) , which appear in the United Kingdom are copied in other countries in a matter of 1 to 2 years.

Therefore, be prepared to include content marketing in your online real estate strategy . This is the strategy that will facilitate the sale of properties from now on, both in Spain and in Latin American countries.

This is not a fad for countries, content marketing is the strategy used today to sell products and services in most countries. Whoever adapts it the most benefits will get. Let’s see why.

 New Real Estate Strategies: More Information and Less Sale.

The real estate market has changed more in the way of buying,  than in the way of selling. Today potential customers go to the Internet to find answers to their questions and are well informed before buying, renting or selling a property. Sadly enough real estate agents have not yet trained properly in online real estate marketing, believing that real estate portals are the best alternative.

It is certainly the most comfortable, but far from being the best . The best real estate acquisition strategy is content marketing where the focus is to sell credibility first, then your real estate service and then your real estate.

The process seems long, but in reality it is shorter and safer than trying to sell the property directly to the person who calls you by phone thanks to your ad on a portal.

What do some call and some of them end up buying? Of course; If that were not the case, real estate portals would cease to exist . However, here I do not mean to maintain a real estate business where you sell sporadically and where it costs you work to capture properties at market prices.

Real estate content marketing is here to create a continuous flow of information requests from potential clients who want to buy or sell a property in your area and come to you, because you have shown them that you are the right person.

A continuous flow of information requests means new requests every week , every week of the year, which guarantees you sales every month . This is how a profitable and profitable real estate business is created and maintained every year.

Agencies and promoters that do not use this strategy will cost them to sell nationally and especially abroad. If they do not catch up they will continue to survive with low sales and continuous staff turnover.

The New Real Estate Collection Strategy. Offer Content

For those who do not have it very clear,  real estate content marketing is a strategy that consists in creating and distributing relevant, interesting, useful and valuable content to attract your target audience by creating credibility , trust, authority and finally sales.

The advantage of this strategy is that whoever contacts you through it usually ends up becoming your client.

To put it into practice you must prepare informative guides or ebooks with valuable content offering recommendations, tips and tricks on how to buy, how to sell, how to rent a property; how to apply for a mortgage loan, how to add value to your property, etc. for better understanding you can visit Sky Marketing website.

Not only can you publish valuable information that the potential client will download for free when viewing your advertising; but you can also offer informative videos through your YouTube channel and articles of interest through your blog and your social networks such as Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, or Twitter.

Your objective with this approach is to educate, educate and educate the client so that he has a good experience when he buys or when he sells his property. And obviously, that experience will be found with you and your real estate agency.

This real estate strategy also includes integrating that valuable information into a real estate sales funnel using landing pages, a responding car and a sequence of emails.

The aim of this article is not to describe in detail this process ( I would take pages and pages do) , but to be aware that this real estate strategy exists, and l to are implementing many agencies and estate agents. You can be sure that it is the best strategy you can implement to get a highly profitable real estate business.

 A Real Estate Strategies That Come With Work Uniform.

Keep in mind that this strategy takes time to prepare, but once you have it underway, it will produce the benefits you are looking for: sales every month.

Creating these contents also involves effort and professionalism, (and a little budget, by the way).  Too much work for some real estate agents that inertia, comfort and / or ignorance pushes them to capture properties and clients always in the same way with unsatisfactory results.

The new real estate strategies focus on “helping the customer buy”; Not in selling. A concept difference that some real estate agents still do not understand. Neuro-sales, real estate email marketing or video marketing are some of these new real estate strategies that need content marketing to achieve their highest effectiveness.

Gentlemen, real estate sales have changed their strategy some time ago. Do you want to capture properties quickly? Do you want these owners to put a fair price on their properties, respect your work and pay as agreed? Use content marketing.

Do you want to attract better customers? Use content marketing. Do you want to increase the profitability of your online advertising budget by 200%? Use content marketing. Do you want to increase your sales commissions? Use content marketing.

The customer who wants to buy a home or property today, whether in Blue World City, Madrid or Guadalajara, is better informed than a few years ago, expects a better service than a few years ago and is more cautious than a few years ago. It doesn’t matter if you have university studies or have elementary studies. The customer today only buys a product of such high value as a property if trust is generated and he is helped to buy informing him of what he does not know.

Using obsolete real estate strategies will continue to sell, I have no doubt, but less will be sold each year or the same will continue to be sold. If you are accommodating and reaching the end of the month is what matters to you, it is clear that content marketing is not for you. However, if you want to develop your future in this profession and want to take advantage of the opportunities offered by this sector to achieve financial stability and increase your income annually, this new real estate strategy is what you need.

We would be grateful if you would leave us a comment on this article. How long do you think it would take you to prepare this new real estate strategy? Your opinion interests us. Thank you.


As you can see in the map Beneath, this auspicious home society is located on the side of Lahore- Islamabad Motorway, M-2 if you’re traveling out of Islamabad to Lahore prior to the toll plaza. Here’s the map of the auspicious housing job.

University Town was split Half of those blocks from the home society have been manufactured while the growth work in another half is continuing.


University Town Islamabad Characteristics:


Manner that it’s miles prepared with all modern facilities and services therefore that it can bud to an area fit for individuals belonging to all standards of society. A number of the key characteristics of this society are listed under:

72′ Broad main boulevard and all Streets are over 35′ broad


Gated Community


Metro Route


Extensive Water Supply


Sewerage Disposal Stations


Underground Electricity


Sui Gas


Car Parking Place


Mosques and Schools


Commercial Zone


Eateries and Restaurants


Community Center


Sports Auditorium


Public transportation




80% growth from the University Town was finished, Blocks’A, B & D’ have been completely developed and plots are handed over to the clients while the development work in different blocks is under procedure and speedy pace. The advancement to the remaining blocks is said as follows:


E-block is 80% designed with just minor utility work staying.


While as F cube is at its first Development Period


A detailed analysis of growth function in most of the cubes of this Society is said below for your understanding:




The blocks that are developed in the society include of A, D and B blocks. The homes in these cubes are totally assembled and their residents are enjoying a calm and comfortable lifestyle. These businesses are equipped with all essentials such as electricity, water, carpeted streets, and paved roads. A playground equipped with a number of swings can also be built these industries for the amusement of younger members of their society.


Development Function in Blocks E, C & F:


E, C & F block of this society are still at the evolution phase. While C & F Blocks are following on the line to become developed. The time period given for the growth of those blocks is from 1 to 1.5 decades.




Society is provided immediately for its buyers however for the growing blocks, the ownership won’t be allowed until the growth work is totally completed. The Possession of those plots at the E block is expected to be allowed in between following 6 month to 1 year and also for the rest C & F cubes of this society, it is going to require a longer period.

Capital smart city islamabad launching date

The Basics of Capital Smart City

Capital Smart City Location is thought to be ideal from investment perspective.  Thus, a massive area was allotted for parks and plantation. Furthermore, the residential areas are structured with the very same passion as the public locations.

Capital Smart City is accepted by RDA. Likewise, it urges to provide standard lifestyles for them so they may feel like they are home. The capital smart city stipulates the exceptional facilities of better accommodation, beautiful place, and a peaceful atmosphere. It is thought to become an area promoting healthy and active lifestyle. It is designed to be an eco-friendly housing project. It is planned to be an eco-friendly housing project that will provide excellent residential and business opportunities to its residents. DHA Capital Smart City providing you the ideal mixture of leisure, living and business.

The Most Popular Capital Smart City

Commercial Plots are offered on 3 years easy installment program. If you would like to obtain an industrial plot, you’ll need to pay some profit along with 20% down payment. Also, if you prefer to get an industrial plot, you should pay some profit along with 20% down payment. The residential and business plots in addition to the villas can be purchased on an easy 36-months installment program.

The Jobs of Capital Smart City

Sales department isn’t provided priority by any corporation. The sales department employs various tactics to raise sales. The advertising department of the organization is always searching for marketing and always tries various things for marketing purposes.

Progress and development in capital smart city

Currently, lots of vehicles have been employees for land clearing procedure and earthwork. A great number of consumers can interact at the identical moment. A complete number of 100 machines are currently working on site on rapid pace that’s quite encouraging for the investors and it’s not just a great indication for investors that are already investing but also attracting the new investors who wish to put money into some massive well-known projects with less investement.

The Battle Over Capital Smart City and How to Win It

The intent of incorporating ICTs is to boost the functioning of services. The staring of a capital smart city in Islamabad is a huge achievement. Segregation of sectors is critical for a proper and far better lifestyle.

Capital Smart City Features

Real estate business has a history of planning smart cities around the world in various nations. Social markets are constantly looking for an attractive method to draw the interest of present customers and discover new clients.

A payment program is most likely the most significant point to think about while purchasing a plot. There is likewise an elaborate plan to set up top-notch healthcare facilities. Most importantly, it’s introducing innovative ideas in actual estate sector so as to guarantee sustainable future. You shouldn’t depend on just what you hear. Furthermore, 7 tube wells are operational on the website. Development work is already initiated by HRL.