Flo’s Kitchen in Wilson, North Carolina

Flo’s Kitchen is an all-American restaurant in Wilson North Carolina. Flo’s serves breakfast and lunch, and on any given morning you can find cars lined up down the street to get one of Flo’s famous biscuits. That’s because the biscuits are the some of the biggest you’ll ever see about the size of a cat’s head and made from scratch too. Flo’s Kitchen has been open and serving the area for more than two decades.

Flo’s kitchen opened on October 30th, 1990 and was already famous all due to the woman behind the name, Florence Williams. She had

Flo’s famous cat-head biscuit

already been making biscuits at her eateries so, her daughter, Linda Brewer, encouraged her to open her shop. Flo’s Kitchen had a high demand for biscuits since the day they opened. Flo personal trained ever biscuit maker she hired until passing away at the age of 80. After her death, her daughter and co-founder continued to run Flo’s Kitchen. Flo’s kitchen is more than just a restaurant; it’s a place that has brought the community of Wilson NC together for almost three centuries. Friendships between the staff of Flo’s and the customers are kept by conversations in line every morning.

Flo’s staff begins making biscuits at 4 am and doesn’t stop until noon when they close. The biscuits are shaped by hand rather than a cutter and prepared with a mound of grated hoop cheese that is encased in the dough as they cook. Unlike other restaurants biscuits, Flo’s are made with lard which makes them sturdy. The biscuits are filled with a variety of meats and eggs, but many customer’s favorites are the fried pork tenderloin biscuits. The pork is cut by hand every morning and rolled in flour and seasonings and cooked to perfection. Flo’s also offer’s breakfast plates and other items like grits and French toast. Although the kitchen has a few seats and tables inside, 95% of Flo’s business comes from the drive threw.