Reasons why Infonavit can reject your mortgage loan

Do you want to prevent inconvenience when applying for your mortgage loan? Find out what are the reasons why Infonavit can refuse the loan to buy a house.

Although Infonavit is an institution that facilitates the purchase of houses to its rightful beneficiaries by having fewer requirements than those of a bank credit and additional benefits such as savings in the Housing Sub-Account, this financial institution also has requirements to be able to obtain the financing, and therefore if these are not fulfilled, your mortgage loan application will be rejected. We tell you what are the cases in which Infonavit can reject your request so you can prevent it.

Why can my credit application be rejected?

  • For not complying with the requirements that the house must have
  • For not meeting the requirements for financing
  • For some special case

For not complying with the requirements that the house must have

In order for dha peshawar Infonavit to agree to finance a house, it must meet certain requirements that you should review before choosing it and requesting the credit from the institution, since in case the property does not meet these requirements the application will be rejected. These are the characteristics that the property you choose must have:

  • Have the basic services
  • Secure location
  • Be registered in the Public Property Registry
  • Be up to date with water and property payments
  • Have a quality technical opinion
  • Have a lifespan of at least 30 years

If you have doubts about this, we explain here what each of these requirements consists of.

For not meeting the requirements for financing

Like all financial institutions, Infonavit has requirements that you must meet in order to obtain your financing. These begin, of course, with being a worker enrolled in the IMSS (Mexican Social Security Institute) in such a way that you are one of the right holders with a current employment relationship. The Infonavit, in addition, asks you to make sure that you are in a favorable economic situation to meet your corresponding payments, which also establishes it as a requirement, requesting that you make your family budget and reflections if with your current income and expenses it is possible for you cover the monthly fees and expenses involved.

In addition to this, you must ensure that you comply with the following:

  • Have 116 Infonavit points.
  • Answer the API questionnaire  so that you receive personalized advice. on the best way to use your credit. 
  • Take the free online workshop Know to decide .
  • Provide the data of two references of people who know you.
  • Comply with the provisions of the Green Mortgage program, regarding the installation of water, electricity and gas saving accessories, which you will pay with the amount of additional credit granted to you.
  • Sign the format given to you when you receive your credit to consult your data in the credit information companies.

For some special case

Although, it is necessary to ensure that you meet the above requirements, there are also other cases in which your credit application can be rejected by Infonavit:

  • If you have a valid Infonavit credit.
  • If your name is exactly the same as someone else’s and you are in the process of clarifying to whom of the two the funds belong.
  • If the NSS (Social Security Number) with which you are trying to process your return does not exist.
  • If there is no balance in the 1997 Housing Sub-Account of the NSS with which you are trying to make the return procedure.
  • If the resources in your 1997 Housing Sub-Account were transferred to your Afore, which is where you should process your return.


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