Recipes for Super Bowl Sunday

For all the football fans out there, Super Bowl Sunday is quickly approaching. Some may have parties to host or parties to attend. Among those parties, there’s always sure to be tasty food to accompany the football game. This years game will be between the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots. If you’re a fan of those teams and you have a party to attend or host, you might wonder what some easy, delicious recipes are to make. Here are a few that will give the fans at your party something else to rave about.

A recipe that your crowd is sure to love are the big mac potato skins. This delicious appetizer’s recipe can be found on The total time it takes to make this dish is an hour and thirty minutes, and it yields sixteen potato skins.

Every good super bowl party includes wings. The slow cooker buffalo ranch chicken wings will keep people coming back for more. This recipe can also be found on This recipe has very few ingredients and will feed six to eight people. The wings are cooked in a slow cooker for three hours. However, the prep time is only ten minutes. Bust out the buffalo sauce and bring the heat to your football fans this season.

Slow cooker pulled pork is a delicious and easy recipe that will make the fans at your party fall in love. Throw a pork shoulder in the crockpot with the other yummy ingredients and cook for 5-6 hours. It can be served with coleslaw and buns and will feed quite a few people. Find this recipe on

Waffle fry sliders are another easy recipe to win over the guest at your party this year. It only takes forty minutes to make and yields eight sliders. Cook the hamburger meat in a pan and the waffle fries in the oven. Place the hamburger meat between two waffle fries and top with cheese, pickles, and lettuce. This recipe can be found on