Sushi in Panama? You Bet!

Sushi in Panama? You Bet!



You might be surprised, but Panama has a few of the best sushi eateries in the world. Considering that it lies between two oceans, it shouldn’t come as a surprise. Well for those of you who are going to be vacationing in Panama, here are a few of them:

Martini Sushi Bar – This restaurant lies inside the Radisson Decapolis Hotel on Avenida Balboa beside Multi Centro Mall near Punta Patilla. Expensive yet friendly.

Matsuei – This superb restaurant is located in El Congrejo (The Crab). It is straight throughout street from El Granda Hotel, two blocks from the Veneto Casino Resort. The dining establishment has a good decoration and provides you a lot of bang for your buck. They even host a sushi class, which actually shows you ways to make sushi, and of course, you eat what you make.

Benefit – This is the best trendiest sushi restaurant discovered inside the Torres de Americas structure, among Panama latest and most modern-day buildings across the street from Multiplaza Mall. They also have valet parking. Make certain no exclusive celebrations are on the calendar before coming. Their d├ęcor includes large plasma display TV screens presenting lots of fish swimming around. Either you will certainly like this or you will not. They have a Mount Fuji desert which is a volcano-looking bread desert full of ice cream that they light on fire with alcohol. Extremely nice and friendly service.

Sushi Itto – Situated in the Obarrio neighborhood. It houses a good basic design, and the food and service is superb. If you are looking for food with not a lot of flair, you are at the right place.

Sushi Express – This is the ingenious chain of sushi dining establishments that supplies to your residence as well as is comfortably situated in all the shopping center food courts plus other areas about community. Nice, yet far from exquisite. Intriguing sauces on the sushi. Nice tempura.

Benihana – Yep, the Benihana folks opened at Multi Plaza Shopping mall. They do have a sushi bar. It was very hectic. They had a lot of those grills with the chef putting on a show, capturing eggs in their hats etc. We do have to get back as well as attempt the grill (teppanyaki), which we listened to was very good. It has long hours to accommodate late diners.

Fuji – You will find this restaurant in San Francisco close to Via Brasil. It has a basic decoration, yet the food is a knockout.