Top Places to Eat In West Virginia

If you have plans on visiting West Virginia, there are a few places that you must stop to eat. These restaurants are in small towns, but they have the best food. From Mexican, burgers, and pizza, you won’t find food anywhere else quite like you will in West Virginia. Despite how West Virginia’s towns are small and hard to get to, there are quite a few food options that go outside the typical restaurants.

Ole Jose, a Mexican restaurant located in Pineville, West Virginia has the best items on the menu and some great deals. Not only does this restaurant offer options for Mexican cuisine, but it also offers wood fire pizza and homemade Italian. Upstairs you have a sports bar that provides a variety of drinks. Just looking at the menu of this hot spot will get your taste buds fired up. This restaurant is vegetarian-friendly and offers options for that as well. With a great staff, mouth-watering food, and a fun-filled atmosphere, be sure to make a pit stop here while in West Virginia.


The Dairy Bar with locations in Man and South Charleston WV is a classic ice cream parlor that offers hand-scooped ice cream and a delicious menu. Some personal favorites are their A1 steak fries, chicken quesadillas, and the grilled cheeseburger. The A1 steak fries are like a Philly cheesesteak with peppers and onions served on top of fries with mozzarella cheese and A1 steak sauce. The chicken quesadillas are the best you’ll find with their unique dipping sauce, melted cheese, cubed grilled chicken, peppers, and onions. This quesadilla will have you lusting for more. The classic grilled cheeseburger is just what it sounds like. All-natural ground beef pattie between two pieces of bread topped with cheese and grilled in butter with your choice of toppings and served with a side of fries. Don’t forget the dessert, grab yourself a good old ice cream cone or banana split before you head out the door and don’t forget to come back for more.