Why is Chick-fil-A So Popular?

Every Monday through Saturday that you pass by a Chick-fil-A they are wrapped around the building for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Chick-fil-A is dominating the fast food industry, but why? What is so particular about the chain that makes people keep going back for more? The restaurant averages about $4 million in revenue every year, the highest of any other fast food chain.

A significant contribution to Chick-fil-A’s success is their customer service. Customers report that the restaurant’s employees are the politest and provide the best service for the drive-thru and dining in. The store also has an order accuracy rate of 95% however, their drive thru wait time was longer than the competitors. Chick-fil-A’s strategies of standing outside and speaking with customer’s face to face during busy hours of the day is a good part of why their service ranks so well. Drive thru orders constitute a significant portion of income for fast food retailers, so it’s essential that they have excellent service. Face to face ordering allows a more personal experience and less room for errors.

What makes the restaurant’s employees provide such excellent customer service? Chick-fil-A invest more time in their employee’s training and futures whether it lies in the fast food industry or not. The franchisees are encouraged to ask the people they hire what their goals are for the future and help them to achieve them. The company feels that employees are more responsive and open when they think that they are cared about by their employers. Chick-fil-A also offers many advancement opportunities for new hires that makes them strive to do better, so they can make more money. The company hopes to in the future provide classes and training for employees to take that will offer certificates in areas like managing conflict in restaurants and food and labor costs.